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Situated in the heart of Owamboland, a stone throw from Ondangwa north of Etosha National Park, you are invited to experience our local traditions! Built alongside a live homestead, 4 luxury Rondawels (African-style round huts) accommodates 8 guests offering exclusivity and the luxury of home, while participating in local chores, delighting in local culinary dishes and drinks and learning local arts and crafts. This is your introduction to our world and life-style!


Ongula Villa Homestead Lodge strategically situated between Ondangwa (one of the oldest towns in the northern region) and Eenhana, built alongside an active Owambo Homestead (or Village). The first lodge in Namibia to offer an introduction to the traditional lifestyle of our Owambo people.

Participate in the preparation and making of local traditional drinks and meals, discover the art of basket weaving and pottery and explore the beauty of our region. We welcome you to experience our world!

Ongula Village Homestead Lodge situated in the heart of Owambo North of world famous Etosha National Park offers you the perfect add-on to your classic Namibia journey. At Ongula we have 4 en-suite Rondavels offering traditional cuisine. We offer day tours to the Museum, open and craft markets and tribal houses or attend some of the seasonal block-buster events such as Marula Festivaland traditional weddings.

Ongula Village Homestead Lodge is dawn of tourism in the North – Central Region beyond Dunes and Wild-life. 
Discover Owambo for authentic traditional and cultural experiences.