Activities and Attractions

Participate in the traditional chores such as pounding mahangu; marula oil squeezing; open fire cooking; basket weaving and clay-pot making. You will have the opportunity to learn the Owela game (traditional chess) - one of our experienced staff will assist you.
Experience and participate the Owambo traditional chores around the homestead and other homesteads in vicinity of Ongula.

The Pottery Project

Together with basket-making, pottery has a long history in the north-central regions of Namibia, with the oshanas (depressions that fill up with water during the rainy season) providing not only fish but deposits of clay.

Basket Weaving Project

The Onankali Omahangu Paper Project

Mahangu or pearl millet is the staple food of the north-central regions. Able to grow in low-rainfall, high temperatures and low soil fertility, it is eaten in a variety of dishes and drinks, and the stalks are used to feed cattle and thatch roofs. In 2002, yet another use for this versatile subsistence crop was found.

Day trips can be arranged to

  • Nakambale Museum – a legacy of the Finnish Missionaries who brought Christianity to Namibia

  • Onankali Mahangu “Pearl Millet” Paper project

  • A tour to Ondangwa’s open craft market

  • Village expeditions

  • Sundown at local cuca shops or shebeen (pub)

  • Attend the communal court proceedings (when available)

Homestead Tour

Get to know the homestead set up, it's corridors and the purpose for different huts in the homestead. Visitors can sundown at the local African cuca (shebeens) shops with locals or a football game can be arranged with village boys.


A project can be arranged which include teaching English at local schools; or teaching a group of school going children a skill such as painting, making jeweleries or playing a musical instrument or computer literacy including using internet.