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Ongula Village Homestead Lodge

We offer you a variety of Ovawambo traditional cuisines, the food is prepared with the best and freshest hand-picked ingredients in all of Ovamboland. We also offer lunch packs and a custom-made breakfast at your request.


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Ongula Village Homestead Lodge
District Road D3670, Oshigambo - Eenhana
GPS Coordinates
Lat: -17.74125579343116
Lon: 16.141712720237734
T1: +264-61-224712
T2: +264 65 26 4555
Ongula Village Homestead Lodge Communal tourism is still in the fledgling stages. However, an increasing number of indigenous people are starting to take fate into their own hands by getting actively involved in the tourism industry. One such example is the Ongula Traditional Homestead Lodge near Ohangwena.

Built within the boundaries of an active homestead, Ongula is the first lodge in Namibia to introduce visitors to the authentic, traditional lifestyle of the Ovambo, the largest cultural group in the country. Stopping over at Ongula is a definite “must” when travelling the area north of Etosha National Park.
$$ Bar, Meal on Request, Mobile Connectivity, Secure Parking, En-Suite, Fan, Fireplace, Lounge Area, Shower, Tea / Coffee, Verandah, Credit Card, Monday through Sunday, all day
District Road D3670, Oshigambo - Eenhana Ohangwena Namibia
Double Room Each Luxury Rondawel is uniquely decorated and offers 2 Twin Beds, Private en-suite facilities (with shower only), Tea/ Coffee station, Mosquito Nets and gauze sliding doors and Enclosed veranda. /_image/29199/screen_shot_2017-07-28_at_2.33.28_pm2.png /rooms/double-room Ongula Village Homestead Lodge
Family Room Uniquely decorated and offers 2 Twin Beds and Double Bed, en-suite facilities ( with shower only), Tea/ Coffee station, Mosquito Nets and gauze sliding doors and Enclosed veranda /_image/29199/img_0678_img_0678_hdr.jpeg /rooms/family-room Ongula Village Homestead Lodge
Campsite 5 Sites (Max adult 10) <br>Shower (cold water only) <br>Toilets <br>Electricity <br>Water <br>Shades /_image/29199/screen_shot_2017-07-31_at_1.33.47_pm1.png /rooms/campsite Ongula Village Homestead Lodge
Oshiwambo Homestead Tour Learn the set-up of a homestead. Learn about the importance of cultivating the lands (seasonal activity). Learn the use of many endemic trees and their use by the Owambo people <br> <br>Mahangu (Pear millet) – The staple food of the Owambo people; used in their traditional food and drinks – take part in the pounding of Mahangu <br> <br>Learn how to make Marula oil ‘Odjove’ in the local language <br> <br>Experience the local distillery and learn how they make ‘Ombike’ schnapps or grappa as called by many <br> <br>Learn how to cook at the open fire in the traditional kitchen known as ‘Epata’ or Elugo in Oshiwambo. <br> <br>Basket weaving and pottery – Join the Owambo woman as they demonstrate their weaving and pottery making skills /_image/29199/Ongula-Village-Homestead-Resdest-Namibia-North-Owamboland-Village.Experience62.jpg
District Road D3670, Oshigambo - Eenhana Ohangwena Namibia
+264-61-224712 /activities/oshiwambo-homestead-tour
Village Walk The Ongula Village Walk will usher you to different places in the community, have an insight look in local homesteads and learn how to pound mahangu and where the local people collect water and fire wood. Explore the wide range of trees, shrubs and their use in the community. Enjoy an atmospheric sundowner under a marula tree and listen to the voices in the surrounding. <br> <br>Village sun downer – at the local cuca shops; situated a stone thrown away from the lodge, you get a glimpse of the night life or social life of the locals as you chat to them or get to understand their local brews and the more modern drinks like beer and so forth. /_image/29199/screen_shot_2017-07-31_at_4.51.29_pm.png
District Road D3670, Oshigambo - Eenhana Ohangwena Namibia
+264-61-224712 /activities/village-walk
Town Visit to Ondangwa and the surroundings Duration: Half day Morning back late afternoon <br> <br>Nakambale Museum – A legacy from the finnish missionaries who settled in the area in the 1800’s. <br> <br>Open Market – an opportunity for guests to buy Owambo souvenirs and see how the local do their trades. <br> <br>Ohanje Craft Centre – visit the local as they engage in making crafts from recycled materials. <br> <br>A stop over for a picnic lunch before proceeding. <br> <br>Oshigambo river – the tour is concluded with a visit to Oshigambo river as you learn the fauna and the amazing flora and the historical activity that took place in the 1800’s and 1900’s. <br> /_image/29199/1aedf5e18cf121551efb2d29b64af776.jpg
District Road D3670, Oshigambo - Eenhana Ohangwena Namibia
+264-61-224712 /activities/town-visit-to-ondangwa-and-the-surroundings
Music, Drum & Dance Experience Get an experience of one of the important parts of the Owambo culture “Dancing”, you get to participate in music lessons, learn some dance moves, how to drum, and the meaning of different traditional songs. Or just sit back relax and enjoy the show as the Ongula Village Lodge kids traditional dance group show you how it is done. https://vistacdn.rainmaker.travelnull
District Road D3670, Oshigambo - Eenhana Ohangwena Namibia
+264-61-224712 /activities/music-drum-and-dance-experience
Owela Owela game was traditionally played by elders, Currently the game is played by both the young and old as a recreational activity, the game is played by oshiwambo-speaking population of Namibia and Angola. Another name of the Owela game played by other tribes is called “Hus”. <br> <br>Traditionally Owela is played on a four- row trough (Modern on a board) of at least eight holes per row, but no more than 32 and always on an even number. <br> <br>Owela has been Redesigned/Modernized by a graduate from a local university and is now a product like any other board games. This innovation will ensure that the game will remain alive and future generations will continue to learn/play it and preserve this cultural heritage. Owela is not a game of luck, If the game can be promoted even in school, it can enhance students mathematical and strategical skills. <br> /_image/29199/screen_shot_2017-08-02_at_4.18.47_pm1.png
District Road D3670, Oshigambo - Eenhana Ohangwena Namibia
+264-61-224712 /activities/owela
Brewer & Butcher A Micro-brewery, Beer garden, Restaurant, Bar, Lounge with open fireplace, sea-facing terrace with two "Boma" fire pits and a fireplace. An a la carte Restaurant menu for Lunch, Dinner and Bar Snacks specializing in Namibian, German and other meat dishes and featuring its own "craft" beer and on site Micro-brewery. An opportunity to experience the actual brewing process. /_image/1747/_hab4755_1.jpg
District Road D3670, Oshigambo - Eenhana Ohangwena Namibia
+264-61-224712 /wine-and-dine/brewer-and-butcher $
Farmhouse Deli A Delicatessen Retail Shop and Bistro style Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Bakery and sea-facing terrace. An all-day a la carte Restaurant menu - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Cakes, Pastries, Sandwiches, Brotchen, Teas and Coffees. /_image/1747/_hab4213.jpg
District Road D3670, Oshigambo - Eenhana Ohangwena Namibia
+264-61-224712 /wine-and-dine/farmhouse-deli $
Ocean Cellar Seafood Restaurant and Oyster & Wine Bar with sea-facing terrace specializing in all the Ocean has to offer including Namibian Oysters and Sushi or Sashimi and a vast selection of wines from the cellar served by the glass, carafe or bottle. A special and unique feature is its Show-Kitchin where diners sit at a counter watching the Chefs in action. An a la carte Restaurant menu - Lunch, Dinner and Seafood Bar Snacks. /_image/1747/_hab4437.jpg
District Road D3670, Oshigambo - Eenhana Ohangwena Namibia
+264-61-224712 /wine-and-dine/ocean-cellar $
Welwitschia Lounge Located privately just off the Lobby Lounge with open fireplace, Bar and sea-facing terrace serves Cocktails, Drinks, Teas and Coffee with light hot & cold snacks, sandwiches, salads and a variety of cakes and pastries. Open from early morning till night. /_image/1747/_hab4330_1.jpg
District Road D3670, Oshigambo - Eenhana Ohangwena Namibia
+264-61-224712 /wine-and-dine/welwitschia-lounge $
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